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Remotasks Phone Verification Fix

Have you tried signing up for Remotasks but are unable to complete the phone verification process because you don’t receive the verification code?

Chances are your problem is a very simple one and not in any way related to your phone’s reachability or your country of origin. I experienced this very issue, and it’s only after some trial and error that I figured what was causing the verification code not to arrive.

The issue is basically one of formatting: after selecting your country’s code (e.g +254 for Kenya) you need to enter your phone number including the leading zero and NOT in the international call format as you would have probably expected.

So for instance if your phone number is 0712 345 678 you’ll enter 0712345678 after selecting country code. Don’t remove the leading zero!

Usually, it’s standard practice to remove the leading zero when the country code is included (e.g +254712345678) hence the source of confusion present here.

Seeing how this is likely to confuse many applicants, Remotask ought to consider either providing an input mask or suitably a clear example on what format to use in order to minimize chances of this error.

Otherwise, new users will keep resorting to either trying different phone numbers if not creating new accounts, or flooding their support channels when in actual fact the issue is rather a benign one.


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