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about me

Hey there

I'm Kelvin Kathia, a full-time blogger and part-time web developer.


Journey Bytes started as a tech blog and has primarily remained that way over the course of its existence. I typically write on a wide range of tech topics as they all share the quality of being drawn in one way or another from my experiences.


This blog has a partner YouTube channel which features a small selection of tutorials posted here in a video format. The channel began as a labour love as editing videos has always been an old hobby of mine. A new video is posted at the end of every month.

Web Design

I offer WordPress & Static web design services including support & maintenance and other services. If you’re in need of a blog or a site for your business or organisation, I’d be happy to help you bring that vision to life as you look into building a web presence.

My Story

The Journey Begins

I have always been fascinated by computers ever since I got hold of one when I was around 12 years. Schooling really got in the way of me discovering that marvellous machine but nonetheless every chance I got a break, I was most certainly glued to one antique CRT screen that survives to this day. Soon enough, it became my hobby and it’s all I did.

The Blogger Years

In 2010, I started my very first blog on Blogger however it soon died due to what I may term as prohibitive data costs. However, as luck would have it, 4 years down the line I found myself in college with access to free fast internet.

Soon enough I started two blogs and my current YouTube channel. Journey Bytes was one of the two housed on Blogger and served primarily as my “tech blog” while the other was a personal blog on WordPress reserved for my musings.

The latter took precedence for the most part until 2016 when I was finishing college. This opened the much-needed time that allowed me to focus on this blog and its YouTube channel. In the years that followed, I slowly grew my audience and started other blogs to cater for content which would have otherwise appeared misplaced here.

The Journey Continues...

As all of this was transpiring, I learnt a great deal on web content development, but it wasn’t until I ventured into the open source WordPress CMS that I ultimately self-taught myself about web design, development and hosting. Subsequently, I redesigned and migrated all my sites onto the platform.

Currently, I offer all-in-one  web development services including website maintenance, which is ideal for bloggers and small business.  For any inquiries, feel free to contact me by leaving me a message on my contact page or emailing [email protected].