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Hey there,
I’m Kelvin Kathia, a full-time blogger and freelance web developer. Here’s my web footprint:


Journey Bytes started as a tech blog and has primarily remained that way over the course of its existence. I typically write on a wide range of tech topics as they all share the quality of being drawn in one way or another from my day-to-day experiences working on the computer.

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This blog has a partner YouTube channel which features a small selection of tutorials posted here in a video format. The channel began as a labour of love, as editing videos has always been an old hobby of mine. I usually post a video once every month along with an article on it in this blog.

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Web Design

I offer WordPress & Static web design services including support & maintenance and other services. If you’re in need of a blog or a site for your business or organization, I’d be happy to help you bring that vision to life as you look into building a web presence.

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You may also be interested in checking out my two other blogs, namely: Nutrition Point where I write on nutrition and healthy living me being a trained nutritionist and Kenyan Fix Guides where I used share information that may be useful to you if you happen to reside in Kenya.

Thank you for stopping by!