All-in-one Web Design Solutions.

Personalized Designs

Modern professional designs built on the user friendly and familiar WordPress platform.

Fast and Responsive

Fast responsive designs that maintain the same look on both mobile and desktop.

Safe and Secure

HTTPS enabled, secured against web attacks plus with regular backups.

What I offer.


Built on WordPress

I build sites on the familiar WordPress platform which should get you started quickly to focus on the more important things: creating content and building your web presence.

What’s more, you get access to a secure and user friendly dashboard to manage your posts and pages.

Long gone are the intimidating days that rendered your website content hostage and outdated!



I provide pure SSD Web Hosting to meet the demands of your website, audience and target country.

Choosing my hosting allows you to get optimal performance and security for my design as it’s built on the same reliable infrastructure I entrust to my sites and makes renewing your hosting as well as troubleshooting any issues quicker and more convenient.

Additionally, this service comes bundled together with my support and maintenance services to ensure any website related issues are also catered for.


Support & maintenance

I provide support and maintenance for all the websites I develop.

Focus on your brand and let me take care of all the nuts and bolts that keep your site secure and up and running!

I’ll keep everything under the hood updated for you and also back it up so you’ll never have to worry about losing your content.

And as a thank you for entrusting me with your web development needs, the first month of support and maintenance comes free of charge!

What do you Get?

Features and Benefits

Optimized for Speed

To ensure your site loads fast for your users, I use minimalistic designs coupled with fast reliable hosting all the while leveraging on caching and CDNs for enhanced performance and security.

90+ GTmetrix pagespeed score guaranteed.


Optimized for mobile

The internet has shifted to mobile first. I recognize this and therefore all my designs are responsive to ensure a great and seamless user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.


SEO Ready

My designs are optimized for search engines to ensure Google and other providers can find your site. But if that’s not enough,  you can always consult me on how to further optimize your content thanks to my years of experience blogging.

illustration of laptop

Easy to Use

Log into your user dashboard and manage the content of your posts, pages and media files after the design is complete. And should have any difficulties, remember my initial support is precisely there for such moments.

More Services

All-in-one site solutions

Static Sites

Don’t plan on posting or updating your website’s content? Get a simple but nonetheless beautiful static site that never changes and requires little maintenance.

Emails and Newsletters

Get custom personal or business email addresses plus integrate email marketing tools on your site to send out newsletters and grow your subscriber base.

SEO & Analytics

Optimize your website for search engines, social networks and set up analytics to collect and analyze your website's performance and better understand your users. Migration

Already have a blog at No need to start all over! Migrate all your content and subscribers to the freedom of a self-hosted WordPress site.

Blogger to WordPress

Migrate from blogger to the more user friendly WordPress without losing your traffic or existing content including posts, pages, comments and media files.


Protect your website against spammers, vulnerabilities and attackers with firewall monitoring, timely updates and regular on-site, off-site and cloud backups.

My Portfolio.

Some of my completed projects.


An organizational site for the union of nutritionist and dietitians in Kenya.


A directory listing site for hospitals with maps, directions and reviews.


A 'funtastic' looking fan blog for a TV Show. Optimized for speed, mobile and ad spaces.


A full featured film directory site for Kenyan Movies and TV Shows.

Pricing Plans​

Affordable Solutions

Static Plan

Ideal for Bronchure Sites

from $100/yr
  • Staic Site No CMS
  • 1 Domain com/net/org
  • SSD Web Hosting 1GB
  • Email Hosting Yes
  • Server LiteSpeed
  • Bandwith 100GB Monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • Website Backups No
  • Support & Maintenance No

Standard Plan

Ideal for Blogs

from $150/yr
  • WordPress CMS
  • 1 Domain com/net/org
  • SSD Web Hosting 5GB
  • Email Hosting Yes
  • Server LiteSpeed
  • Bandwith 0.5-1TB Monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • Website Backups Yes
  • Support & Maintenance No

Premium Plan

Ideal for Businesses

from $300/yr
  • WordPress CMS
  • 1 Domain com/net/org
  • SSD Web Hosting 10GB
  • Email Hosting Yes
  • Server LiteSpeed
  • Bandwith 0.5-1TB Monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • Website Backups Yes
  • Support & Maintenance Yes

Get Started

Begin your web design journey today!

For any inquiries, please email me at [email protected] or use the contact form below.


General Questions

What do I need to have a website?

You need a domain name for your website and hosting that will store your site’s file.

What is a static website?

A static website is one whose content is not generated dynamically rather it is generated from the page itself.

It typically uses only HTML making it self-contained i.e. it has no dependencies (software, databases etc.) which are need for the website to function. This makes it ideal for websites that don’t require regular content updates, interaction or extensive features.

What is the difference between a static site and a WordPress one?

WordPress is a user-friendly content manage system (CMS) that is used to make feature rich dynamic websites, everything from blogs to business sites.

It comes with a user dashboard that makes it easy for you to add and update your website’s content including pages, posts and media files. It also provides a comment system which you can use to interact with your users.

All this convenience however comes at a price: since it’s dependent on other software it requires upkeep to ensure its secure, up to date and performing optimally.

A static site on the other hand provides no dashboard meaning all content updates have to be coded into the page. They also don’t come with an integrated comment system or other mechanisms for interaction with visitors. On the upside they require little maintenance compared to dynamic sites.

How long does it take to deliver a site?

Each website has its own time-line depending on the amount of pages and extent of features needed. Generally speaking however, it can take a minimum of 1 week or up to 4 weeks.

Can I view how the website looks before delivery?

Sure you can. I design my websites on a staging environment where the client can view the draft site and request changes as needed. The final draft is pushed to the live environment once it’s ready for delivery.

Can I request changes after delivery?

Yes, as agreed upon in our agreement you get a certain amount of revisions in the first month after delivery. I however advise my clients to request any major changes while the site is still being designed in the staging environment to avoid downtime that may be necessary when carrying out revisions on a live site.

How much does it cost to design a website?

I work on a per client basis meaning each project has its own price tag that corresponds to a clients specific needs. The cost of each individual feature will be outlined clearly in my proposal.

What is your payment process?

This will be set out in our agreement but usually the client pays 50% of the total cost (this will cater for provisions needed for starting development such hosting, domains etc.) at the beginning of the project and pays the remainder after delivery.

Which payment options do you accept?

I accept PayPal and M-PESA. Other payment options can however be arranged when either of this are not feasible for the client.

Can I use the WordPress app with my site?

Sure, just let me know and I’ll connect your site with your account. You should thereafter be able to login into the Android/iOS WordPress app which you can use to create and edit posts & pages, upload photos & videos, view and reply to comments and view stats from the comfort of your mobile device.

Can you migrate my site from to my own self-hosted WordPress?

Yes, you can request for this service.

If you already had a blog on the platform you don’t have to start from scratch. We can migrate all your content including subscribers to your own self-hosted WordPress site with little to no loses to your current traffic.

Note: A site redirect subscription from is needed to redirect users if you were using their free WordPress domain (i.e Otherwise you’ll have to inform your old users of your new domain and may lose some direct traffic in the process.

It is however possible to redirect all the traffic from your currently indexed search engine results (Google and Bing) to the new domain.

Can you migrate my site from Blogger to WordPress?

Yes, you can request for this service. I’ll migrate all your content including posts, pages and any images attached in them. Comments can also be migrated over if you’re using the native comment system provided by Blogger or Disqus.

Disqus comments can be remapped to point to new URLs (if domain name or permalink structure have been changed) or migrated into the WordPress native comment . For the latter however there is no guarantee that all the comments will be migrated over properly (this is a limitation of the Disqus comment system which I’ve no control over).


How do I get a domain name?

First you need to decide on the name you want. This should ideally correspond to the name of your brand and should preferably be short and easy to remember.

Once you’ve decided on the name you want, we will register the domain name under your name with a reputable and reliable domain registrar. If you need help deciding on a name you can always consult with me.

Can you register and manage the domain on my behalf?

Yes. I can register and manage the domain for you as part of my support services which will handle the management of the domain settings (e.g DNS, Email) and renewals. The domain will however be registered in your names to ensure you retain its ownership; that way, you can use it for other uses or when you no longer need my services.

How do I renew my domain?

Domains are typically renewed every year though it’s possible to buy a domain for multiple years. If you’re on my support and maintenance plan, I’ll send you an invoice whenever the renewal date is near and handle the rest.

Why is my domain renewal fee higher than the original price I bought it with?

Most domain registrars sell domains at a cheap first price but charge more for renewals. It’s just how their business model works. To avoid surprises always verify the renewal price whenever buying a domain.


Which hosting do you recommend?

I recommend you go with the hosting I bundle with my service but should you need something more powerful than what I provide, I can happily point you to specific hosts that I prefer.

If you prefer something else, just ensure the hosting is well optimized for WordPress and uses the latest software (outdated software such as PHP may affect your site’s performance and is a security risk).

A word of caution: Beware of any EIG Hosts and GoDaddy due to their well documented performance issues and poor support.

Do I get access to an administration panel when I use your hosting?

No, what I provide is akin to “managed” hosting, meaning I take care of all the system administration duties for you as part of my support and maintenance service.

If you’re comfortable managing your hosting plan on your own then I recommend you get hosting from a provider that includes an administration panel you’re familiar with (e.g cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk). In this case you’ll assume responsibility of any hosting/server issues but I’ll be available to provide support and maintenance for your WordPress site.

What are the features of the hosting you provide?

  • Shared Hosting
  • NVMe SSD Disk Storage
  • 300-1000GB Monthly Bandwith
  • LiteSpeed Server + LSCache
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Latest PHP Versions
  • 99.9% Uptime

Do you provide SSL Certificates?

Yes, all websites I design will be HTTPs secured free of charge. Otherwise, you can purchase a SSL to use for your site.

Emails & Newsletters

Support & Maintenance

Do you provide support after delivering the site to the client?

Yes, I provide free support & maintenance for the first month after delivering the site.

What does the support and maintenance service include?

The extent of services provided will depend upon the services you opted to be included in your support & maintenance package. The service typically covers the following tasks:

  1. I’ll do a limited amount of minor revisions to the design at an no added cost as agreed upon in our agreement in the first month.
  2. I’ll troubleshoot and fix WordPress-related issues that cause the site not to work as it did when delivered to the client.
  3. I’ll troubleshoot and fix any hosting-related issues for all sites using my hosting plan.
  4. I’ll provide support for any extra services we agreed upon e.g E-mails, Newsletters etc.
  1. I’ll keep your WordPress core and any plug-ins it uses up to date.
  2. I’ll actively secure your site’s by:
    • installing a web application firewall (WAF) at no added cost
    • monitoring your site’s firewall
    • blocking attackers and spammers
    • scanning your site once every month for malware
  3. I’ll backup your site:
    • daily or weekly to the cloud (frequency can be adjusted to how often you update your site)
    • monthly on the server
    • monthly on an off-site location
  4. I’ll restore your backups in the event your website is compromised or lose some data.

What happens when the first month of support ends?

The free support ends and you either subscribe to my support and maintenance package and continue providing all the above services in addition to sending you an optional monthly report (on any updates, traffic stats, firewall incidences etc) or we keep in touch and you refer me some clients 🙂

What if something happens to my site and I need your help?

You can always reach out for assistance. I’ll just bill you for any services rendered.

What are your support channels?

I communicate primarily via the email address [email protected]. You can however also reach me via Telegram or optionally WhatsApp.

Where are you located?

I work and live in Naiobi, Kenya. If you’re within the city or its environs, physical meetings can be arranged to discuss your web development needs or provide training if needed.