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.NET Framework logo
Fix Certificate Error when Installing .NET Framework

You may experience an ‘Installation did not Succeed’ error when installing newer version…

jetpack Related Posts in a Sidebar
How to Show Jetpack Related Posts in the Sidebar

By default, Jetpack Related Posts is added to the end of post articles. Nevertheless, it is possible…

jetpack logo next to a chart arrow
Fix Missing JetPack Top Posts & Pages Widget

The WordPress Jetpack plugin comes with a module called Extra Sidebar Widgets. As the name implies, …

Image of a blocked play icon.
How to Permanently Block ALL Videos in Firefox

Don’t you sometimes just miss the simpler days of the internet? You know, when search engines …

Illustration of a spreadsheet next to a plus sign and the letter X.
How to Add a Value to Multiple Cells in MS Excel

Need a simple way to add a specific value (i.e. a number) to multiple cells in an Excel Spreadsheet?…

Image of the Gmail logo behind a globe.
Filter Emails from a Specific Domain in Gmail

Gmail has a powerful filter feature that can be used to filter existing and incoming emails based on…

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