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Image of the KOReader logo next to its hyphenated title.
How to Disable Hyphenation in KOReader

Hyphenation is the division of a word by use of a hyphen. It is commonly used in connecting compound…

Image of the Firefox logo inside a tortoise and rabbit masks.
Fix Firefox Taking Long to Load Pages after Startup

Firefox browser has improved its startup time with newer versions however this does not necessarily …

Image of the cPanel logo above a server illustration.
Wrong Permissions when Extracting ZIP File in cPanel File Manager

Recently, I ran into a peculiar problem while trying to update manually a WordPress theme file for a…

Image of a PocketBook Lux 5 overlaid by a search icon.
How to Install Dictionaries for KOReader on a PocketBook

KOReader is a versatile e-book reader that you can install on PocketBook e-readers. A great feature …

A photo of beauty products.
Investing in Your Beauty Business: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions

As a beauty business owner, you can take control of your financial success and make wise decisions a…

Photo of a work desk with laptops and other gadgets.
How Technology is Revolutionizing the Inspection Industry

We’ve entered an era of sweeping changes for the inspection industry, and technology is at the foref…

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