Make Animated GIFs from Videos using GOM Player

Making animated GIFs from videos shouldn’t be neither stressful nor take a lot of your time. In my previous article we saw how to do just this using PotPlayer’s GIF recording feature.

While not as feature rich as PotPlayer, GOM player does likewise include an option to create animated GIFs from videos its playing. This way you don’t have to worry about using video editors or image editing software to create the GIF.


Capture Playing Video to Animated GIF using GOM Player

1. Download and install GOM Player for Windows if you’re yet to.

2. Open the video you wish to create a GIF from using GOM Player. The player supports all popular video formats including MP4, WebM, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV etc.

3. Seek the video to the position you wish the animated GIF to begin and pause.

4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to start recording the GIF. Press the same key combination to stop the recording.

5. Now just check the GOM Player Capture folder that’s located inside: My DocumentsGOMPlayerCapture You should find the recorded GIF saved there.

Configuring the Animated GIF Output

If you’re not in a hurry, you can fine tune the animated GIF output settings before starting the capture. To do that:

1. Open the Advanced Screen Capture window by pressing CTRL+G or by right-clicking inside GOM player and selecting Video > Advanced Screen Capture

Advanced Screen Capture
Advanced Screen Capture Window

2. Start by configuring the Output Ratio which is basically the resolution size of the animated GIF.

Selecting Original resolution will use the playing video’s resolution while selecting Video Aspect ratio/ Playback resolution will use the resolution from the adjusted playback window size.

Take note when using Original resolution with high resolution videos (HD e.g. 720p, 1080p) as they will output large GIFs for few seconds of animation time.

Use instead the Video Aspect ratio then adjust the playback window to a size below 640×480 (GOM player indicates the size while resizing)

3. Next configure the frames per second, the size in Megabytes (MB) and animation time (length) in seconds to limit the GIF output.

4. Once you’re done, move this window out of view and seek the video to the position you wish to start the recording.

5. Play the video and immediately click the Animation GIF Starts button to start the recording. The video will automatically stop recording once the configured limits are reached.

capturing gif
Capturing GIF in Progress


  • The Size Limit setting overrides the Animation Time. That is to mean if the size limit is reached the recording will be stopped even if the configured animation time hasn’t been completed.
  • The recording is likewise stopped if the Animation time is completed before the size limit is reached.
  • As such use a larger output size limit when recording longer durations or videos with high resolutions.

6. Click the Open Directory… button to view your recorded GIF.

Quality of the Animated GIF

The quality of the animated GIF produced by GOM player is not the best looking. It’s however comparable to that produced by PotPlayer.


For better results you could try using VirtualDub’s Export to GIF option which for some reason makes far better looking animated GIFs from the same video.

Being a video editor, it will also allow you to acccurately define the length of your GIFs by trimming not to mention it include a variety of filters that can customize how your GIF looks.



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