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Google Chrome YouTube Freezes? 10 Potential Solutions

Sometimes, users find out that the YouTube video they are playing freezes and that’s something unusual. Changing the video doesn’t help as the problem rests in the browser and not any particular video. If you are on this page, you should be dealing with similar issues.

When YouTube stops playing on Google Chrome, there are many reasons responsible for it and so do the troubleshooting methods.

In this article, we will explain all the potential solutions that we can try to troubleshoot the YouTube freeze problem on Google Chrome.

Why Do YouTube Videos Crash on Chrome?

Freezing YouTube videos is typically rare, but it happens and annoys the overall video-watching experience. One of the reasons could be the abnormal working of the browser. YouTube videos might just be working fine, but it’s the browser that is at fault.

A malware attack can be the reason why Chrome is not working appropriately. If you see all your searches redirecting to spam web pages, your browser has fallen prey to Secure Search. Read the detailed guides on how to remove secure search from chrome to get rid of it.

Moreover, outdated video drivers might be causing the video to stop or close abruptly without any prior warning sign. Failure of the video player can also interrupt the YouTube video and leads to lagging or freezing.

Fix YouTube Video Freeze on Chrome

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To get rid of the problem, it is important to get to the root cause. Detecting the actual reason can be time-consuming, but will help in fixing the error more proficiently so that you may never deal with a similar situation in the future.

Let’s now move on to the resolution tips to fix YouTube-related problems on Google Chrome. Make sure to follow any instructions carefully to avoid landing yourself in severe issues.

Update Google Chrome

First things first, update the version of the browser to the latest one to avoid any technical or functional breakdowns. Your computer might be running an older version of Chrome which is likely not supporting YouTube videos or other programs running online.

Clear Chrome’s Data

Chrome data can block YouTube from playing on the browser. Clearing Chrome’s data can help you to fix the error quickly. You can do it by clicking the More Tools option and then selecting the Clear browsing data option.

Restart Your Browser

Similar to a system restart, the application restart can be the fastest and quickest way to combat a technical glitch. Restart Chrome to allow it to upload settings and permissions from scratch and try to run YouTube again.

Disable Chrome Extensions

Extensions and add-ons are meant to simplify the use of apps and make them more useful. Sometimes, these extensions start to interrupt the normal functioning of several apps which impacts the user experience. Disable Chrome extensions and remove add-ons.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Corrupted and outdated graphics card drivers can be the major reason why Chrome is not playing YouTube videos or the YouTube freezes abruptly. The possibilities are that the graphics drivers are not compatible with the new features of YouTube so update them for better output.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

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Hardware acceleration is the process when an app offloads unnecessary computing tasks to free up hardware components for other processes. Turn off hardware acceleration and check if you are able to play YouTube on Google Chrome.

Reset Chrome Browser

When Chrome is not working properly, optimize the browser by tweaking several settings and bringing it to normal mode. Type in chrome://settings in the Chrome address bar and it will take you to the Settings page. Now select the Reset and clean up option to fix performance issues.


When you are not able to open any online service on your local internet network, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help. A reliable VPN service can give you access to the apps and websites that are problematic on your internet connection.

Scan Browser for Malware

Similar to any other app or website, browsers are also prone to malware attacks. Scanning your computer against security vulnerabilities by using any third-party or online app can help remove malware and resume normal functioning.

Update the Operating System

If nothing seems to help in fixing the persisting browser error, try updating the operating system. Installing updates or upgrading the existing version will help your system get the required security patches that may fix the problem.

The Conclusion

YouTube is a platform full of knowledge, all you need is to learn to use it proficiently to your advantage. YouTube crashes are rare, but when they occur, you find it difficult to handle your daily tasks, particularly when you refer to YT tutorials for almost everything.

The above-mentioned guide will help you fix YouTube errors on Chrome and keep your workflow running seamlessly.


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