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Fix Elementor Entrance Animations not Working

Elementor provides an easy way to animate the entrance of sections or specific elements when they enter the viewport while scrolling a page.

You may however run into a peculiar problem whereby the animations work as they should in Elementor but for some reason fail to load in the live page.

Or even more strangely, you may notice they work on some computers or operating systems yet fail on others, irrespective of the browser used. So what gives?

While all signs may point to a bigger problem, like an incompatible plugin or theme, what you may in fact be dealing here is a simple OS setting. Yes, that’s right!

Just recently I was pulling my hair out wondering why some animations were working on Linux yet failing in Windows 7 on the same machine. Turns out I had disabled all the animations ages ago and this setting was overriding all the Elementor motion effects.

So the unlikely solution is as simple as you having to enable animations in your respective OS.

Enable Animations in your OS

enable elementor animations

Windows 10:
Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Simplify and Personalise Windows then turn on Show Animations in Windows

Windows 7:
Go to Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the computer easier to see > Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)

Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and uncheck the option Reduce motion

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn off Reduce Motion

As far as I can tell Linux and Android OS don’t have a similar feature, but I could be wrong seeing the outstanding variety in which this two come in.

Final Words

I have to say it’s quite commendable that Elementor respects this system-wide setting as it’s evident that some people, be it by preference or health reasons, prefer to have animations disabled.

A little alert within the Motion Effects settings warning of this behavior is however something worth considering for the Elementor team. That would go a long way in saving some web developers some precious time, as this may be the most likely cause of most issues of this nature.



  1. Funcionou !!! Já havia tentado de tudo mais nada dava certo, meu erro foi configurar demais meu celular haha

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