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If you're a user of Microsoft products such as Windows 10 or Windows Phone then chances are that you've contacts saved in these devices. In Windows 10, on both mobile and desktop, the contacts are managed by the universal app, People, which serves as the systems address book. So whenever you sign in to your Microsoft Account (Outlook, Hotmail etc.) on any of these devices, Microsoft automatically syncs your contacts and adds them to the People app.
people app account
Accounts that can be added to People

In addition to this, if you add other associated Email accounts (Outlook/Live/Hotmail/MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange etc), their contacts will be synced and added to the app. You can add these additional accounts by going to the People app Settings' then Add Account.

Now all that's good if you're using Microsoft products but suppose you want to get these contacts to your Google apps such as Gmail or Contacts on Android. To do that you can go the manual route by exporting contacts from your Windows Phone to a VCF then importing them into Google Contacts or into your Android device. But that's a lot of work we can evade considering that Google Contacts now supports importing contacts from Outlook Contacts (i.e the contacts associated with your Microsoft Account).

Doing this will only take a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually, and what's more, these contacts will be available across all your Google apps in addition to being synced to the Android devices in which you've signed into using this account. Sounds good doesn't it? Let's see how to do this.


Import Outlook Contacts into Google Contacts

1. Head over to Google Contacts and sign in to your Google (Gmail) account

2. On the left sidebar, click on More then Import.

3. That should open a small window with Accounts to import contacts from. Select Outlook.
import outlook
Import from

4. To import contacts from Outlook, Google relies on the third party company ShuttleCloud. You'll therefore have to give their app temporary access to your contacts before it can begin the importation process.
shuttlecloud access
Give ShuttleCloud Access

So agree to give it access and that should open another window that will open your Microsoft Account. Sign into your Microsoft account then allow to give Google permission to access your accounts information.
google access microsoft account
Give Google Access to Your Microsoft Account

You can revoke these permissions after you're done with the import.

5. After accepting that, the importation should start and takes only a couple of seconds to complete.

6. Once it's done you can view the imported contacts. Google Contacts will also automatically create a label for this contacts called Imported which you can view separately from the other existing contacts at any time.

If by chance any of your Contacts uses Google Plus, Google will automatically fetch profile pictures from their G+ accounts.

Should you want, you can also export your contacts (or just what you've imported) to a VCF or CSV (Outlook or Google compatible) using the Export function. You can find out how to go about that here.
exporting to vcf or csv
Exporting the Imported Contacts to a VCF or CSV

These contacts should now be available on Gmail as well as other Google apps like Calendar, Google Plus and Drive. They will also be available in the Contacts app on your Android device the moment it syncs with your Google account. Of course this assumes you've Auto-sync data enabled, otherwise you can just Sync manually.

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