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What does the support and maintenance service include?

The extent of services provided will depend upon the services you opted to be included in your support & maintenance package. The service typically covers the following tasks:

  1. I’ll do a limited amount of minor revisions to the design at an no added cost as agreed upon in our agreement in the first month.
  2. I’ll troubleshoot and fix WordPress-related issues that cause the site not to work as it did when delivered to the client.
  3. I’ll troubleshoot and fix any hosting-related issues for all sites using my hosting plan.
  4. I’ll provide support for any extra services we agreed upon e.g E-mails, Newsletters etc.
  1. I’ll keep your WordPress core and any plug-ins it uses up to date.
  2. I’ll actively secure your site’s by:
    • installing a web application firewall (WAF) at no added cost
    • monitoring your site’s firewall
    • blocking attackers and spammers
    • scanning your site once every month for malware
  3. I’ll backup your site:
    • daily or weekly to the cloud (frequency can be adjusted to how often you update your site)
    • monthly on the server
    • monthly on an off-site location
  4. I’ll restore your backups in the event your website is compromised or lose some data.

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