How to Fix Titanium Backup Force Close on Start

Recently I did a hard reset on my phone to fix a problem I was having with Google Play Services. After a successful reset I got right away at restoring all my previous apps using Titanium Backup.

Initially I installed a newer version of Titanium Backup to do this before deciding to downgrade to an older version. Now here's where all my problems began.

The older version for some reason couldn't launch and instead always crashed on start with the error: Unfortunately Titanium Backup has stopped.

Consequently, I decided to reinstall the newer version however to my surprise it also now couldn't start. At this point I started trying random fixes like clearing app data to deleting the Titanium Backup folder. Unfortunately, none of this worked.

So what exactly was I missing here? Could it be possible that Titanium Backup was leaving leftovers in the system that were inadvertently crashing the app? I set out to find out that and interestingly my hunch was confirmed.

Inside the data/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup directory I found a folder called files that had two files: busybox and sqlite3.
titanium backup leftovers
Titanium Backup System Leftovers

Since I had root permissions, I deleted this entire folder and reinstalled Titanium Backup. As I had expected the app did work this time round.

If you're facing a similar issue you can perhaps try and see if this will resolve the problem for you.

Kelvin is a writer and registered nutritionist based in Nairobi. Passionate about writing and helping people solve problems, he's been actively blogging since 2014 on tech, nutrition and "pseudo poetry".

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