How to Change Blogger's Contact Form Email Address

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If you're like most people, then chances are that you used your main Gmail address when you signed up for Blogger. It's the obvious thing to do. However, few years later after having this blog up and running, I started realizing that that may have not been the best of choices. That's because all correspondence emanating from the blog including the comment notifications (a great deal of which tend to be spam) and messages left from the contact form gadget, are sent to this address by default.

Fortunately, changing the default address for the comment notifications is possible in the Blogger settings. I did that only recently and now I don't have to worry about those occasional spammers cluttering up my main inbox. After that I thought to myself that it would be much convenient to also have the messages left using the contact form go to this address as well. This way all the messages from the blog would go to one inbox not to mention I won't have to worry about revealing my main email address to strangers. Unfortunately, changing this as I came to find out later wasn't as easy as I had presumed it to be.

For one it's not inside Blogger Settings. Also it's not available in the Contact Form Gadget settings. So where is it? Well it turns out it's in the Blogger profile that you filled the very first time you joined Blogger. You'll therefore have to edit the user profile and change this address. Here's how to do it:


1. Edit your Blogger profile by going here  or go to: Blogger Settings > User Settings > Blogger > Edit
blogger profile edit
Switch to Blogger if you've upgraded to Google+
We need to edit the old Blogger profile. If you've already upgraded to the Google+ one, you'll have to downgrade temporarily to change this setting. After you're done, you can switch back to the Google+ profile.

2. In the settings, go to the Identity section and under Email address enter the address you'd wish readers to contact you with.
edit email address
Change Email Address

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save the profile to apply the changes.

Just in-case you're wondering, this is not the email address that's linked to Blogger. You get to keep that one as it is. If you'd wish to change that one as well, then you'll have to change the owner of the blog. To do that go to Blogger Settings > Basic > Permissions. Once there, add the new email address, make it the Admin then remove the old Admin.

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