How to Turn Off Compatibility Mode for New Documents in MS Word

Compatibility Mode in Word 2013 Document

Have you ever encountered this problem? Every time you create a new document, Word appends Compatibility Mode to the title bar. If you have, then know you're not alone. It seems this is caused by older versions of MS Word that were either previously installed or that still exist on your system. Say for example you had Word 2007 then decided to install Word 2013. New documents on Word 2013 will be created in compatibility mode.

The culprit responsible for this is not some hidden setting in Word as I had assumed so don't sweat yourself burrowing away in there. As it turns out, Word creates new documents based on particular templates, so if you install a new version of Word and a template for an older version of Word still exists, it defaults to compatibility mode since it's not using the much newer template it shipped with. The solution, just rename the old template and let it create a newer template. This is how you do it on Windows 7 and later.


TIP: If you don't quite get the steps here's a video tutorial instead.

1. Exit Word if it’s running

2. Launch the Run dialog using Win Key + R. Type %appdata% and press Enter. Alternatively, you can just open the "roaming" folder by following this path:
where C is the Windows Partition and xxx your account user name
3. In the roaming folder open the Microsoft folder then Templates

4. In the Templates folder find a file called Normal.dotm and rename it to something you like, for instance OldNormal.dotm

Note: If you don't have extensions enabled, the file in question appears as Normal in which case you should rename it to something like OldNormal

5. That's it. Word shouldn't create documents in compatibility mode anymore.

If you’ve problems following any of the steps, please refer to the youtube video I’ve linked to at the start of the steps. A like or subscribe to this blog's channel would be highly appreciated. If you’ve any questions just leave them in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.


Thank you SO MUCH! This was the third web suggested fix I tried, and it worked!


Glad to hear it worked for you.


just delete it


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