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Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021

If you are into content marketing, you might know how important it is to focus on creating a good video rather than concentrating only on expanding the audience base for your content. Indeed, impressive video creation and the results they produce go hand in hand.

These results majorly depend on generating high-quality and far-reaching videos. Social video marketing, by all means, is more potent than traditional marketing strategies as it helps the audience to understand the product or services better, which helps to boost the company’s image and its overall performance.

Today there is no dearth of video editing and marketing tools that you can use to create a satisfying video. Using these tools, you can create the most relevant video content – how-to, explainer, or testimonial videos – to attract the audience and win their trust. Plus, if you invest in a comprehensive yet easy-to-use video editor tool, consider half of your work done!

Hence, today we shall talk about how you can take your online business to the next level by using some interesting tips and tricks while using any power-packed video editor, analytical, and marketing tools.

Choosing the right video type

Choosing the right types of content is of utmost priority in the case of video marketing. You can select any sort of video, like a testimonial, how-to, explanatory etc, that complements the product or services your brand provides. Depending on the social media platform where you wish to post your video, select a likeable video format.

For example, for Instagram videos, go for reels and story-sized videos with a professional touch. The addition of animation, texts, and thumbnails can further help you grab the viewer’s attention. It is important to keep in mind the right format and the video duration because if the video is too long, it might bore them and divert their interest.

When making a video for Facebook, which is another great platform for small businesses due to its excellent search engine capabilities, make sure you create videos in a way that can offer an equal impact when watched with or without its sound. You can think of adding catchy captions and texts to provide in-depth information to the viewer, even if they do not watch the video with the audio feature on.

Likewise, for social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, your content should be mobile friendly as most of the users prefer browsing these platforms on their phones; also make sure that you shoot these videos in a close-up format for better clarity.

Live Videos

Thanks to all the social media platforms that let you come live and connect better with the audience out there, you can now make the best out of this incredible feature to promote your brand, products, and services at regular intervals.

Live videos let you speak directly to the viewers, where the viewer can seamlessly participate in your video and timely clear their doubts. You can come live with a Q&A session and let the viewers ask whatever they have in their minds. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage with the audience and develop a relationship of trust based on close interactions and doubt clearance.

A teaser

You cannot make videos that bore your viewers. Therefore, creating an exciting yet short teaser before launching a full-length video is always a great choice. A teaser video develops a curiosity in the viewers’ minds about what’s next to come. You can showcase or publish these kinds of videos to offer an edge to your content and provide a glimpse of what you have in store for your audience.

Remember to ensure that your teaser video lasts just a couple of seconds, and is interesting enough to engage the viewers and stir their curiosity.

Followers mention

Another fine way to boost your business is by mentioning your followers and subscriber count during your video. When you do this by tagging or mentioning them, you start to build a healthy and promising relationship with them. There are good chances that your followers and fans might tag you or your brand back on their posts and their Instagram or Facebook stories. This further gives you a chance to expand your user base.

Based on the views, you can create videos based on user-generated content, trending hashtags, and contests to ensure more audience for your content.

Quality over quantity

Creating video only to make your presence established over social media channels won’t serve you well. So, don’t forget to make your mark on the social media channels first, where your brand has positive chances of expanding, before running towards making your presence felt on social media.

Additionally, you must focus more on generating what the viewers want to see or what’s trending. If your pitch is more sales-based, there are very few chances that your viewers will be able to trust and value your brand. Hence, your content must reflect the aspects of relationship building.

Right tool choice

It is evident that video creation and editing becomes daunting if you lack the right tools by your side. Some of the must-have tools for video marketing fall under the categories below:

  1. Engagement management tools

The sole purpose of using social media is to enhance engagement. Social media management tools make it easy to increase the reach while letting you centralize all the messages and mentions in a single place.

  1. Analytics

Having all your analytical data in one place provides a clear understanding of all your attempts to take your brand ahead. You can opt for analytical tools to get an overview, reports, and insights about your performance across all your social media channels.

  1. Video editor

Video creation and editing are daunting tasks, but you have the right tool for your help, it can be extremely easy. Video editing tools feature an endless range of templates, graphics, animations, and sound effects to allow you to effortlessly create video content. If you invest in high quality and efficient tools, like InVideo, you can get your job done most accurately.


To be ahead of your competitors in the market, you need to outshine the others with something impressive. We hope that, with the above-given tips and tricks, you will be able to elevate your small business via social media marketing.


Julius G. Evans

Julius is a business writer that specializes in the marketing and technology segments. He is especially keen on topics that help small businesses navigate and grow their enterprises online through incisive articles on various internet marketing trends.