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Remove Greyed Out SkyDrive Pro from the Context Menu

Recently I swallowed my pride and just upgraded to Windows 10. As usual, after a clean install I had to install all my old programs and one of them was Ms Office 2013. In the suite I usually just use Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and so I clearly told the installer to install just those.

Later on after installing, to my surprise I started seeing a greyed out SkyDrive Pro item in the context menu. I still don’t know what happened but I recall not including SkyDrive Pro in the list of programs to be installed. Perhaps the presence of OneDrive in the system was to blame.

Greyed Out SkyDrive Pro Item
Greyed Out SkyDrive Pro Item

For obvious reasons, I had to get rid of it from the context menu and this is how I went about it after tinkering around in the Registry for quite a bit.

Use the Registry to Remove SkyDrive Pro Menu Item

1. Fire up the registry. You can do this by pressing WinKey + R then entering Regedit in the Run menu. Click the Ok when you’re done.

2. Navigate the registry to this key:

SPFS.Context Menu
SPFS.Context Menu

3. On the preview side you should see the SkyDrive Pro value – &SkyDrive Pro.

SkyDrive Pro registry Value
SkyDrive Pro Registry Value (click to enlarge)

4. Now just delete this key by right-clicking the SPFS.ContextMenu folder then selecting Delete. If for some reason you need to back up this key, make sure to export it before deleting it.

Delete the Value

So that’s it, the SkyDrive Pro item should now be removed from the right click menu. By the way doing this shouldn’t affect the working of the OneDrive app.


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