How to Import a vCard (VCF) in Windows 10 Mobile

Need a quick painless way to import your contacts to your windows mobile phone? Just follow the following steps to import a vcard into your windows mobile phone.

You'll need the following:
  • A Vcard (*.vcf) file with your contacts - you can export this from your old phone with the contacts. Android phones can do this directly from the contacts app menu.
  • A micro SD card.
  • Transfer my Data app - this should come pre-installed on your windows mobile phone. If not just get it from the store.

VCF to Windows 10 Mobile

1. First copy your vCard (*.vcf) file to your SD card. You can copy it to any folder, but preferably copy it to the root of the SD card. You can also copy multiple vCards.
  • Note: DO NOT copy it to the internal memory. It wont work. 

2. Open the Transfer my Data app from the app list.

3. From the app, ignore the Continue button and instead launch the menu using the three dots at the bottom left.

4. Choose import from SD card from the menu.

5. Now just give it some time to find the vCard file. Once it finds it, Contacts will be selected automatically for you.

6. Hit the start button to start the import.

That's it. The contacts should now be available in the People app. If this method doesn't work for you or if you don't have an SD card you can try some other two methods I outlined here.

Kelvin is a writer and registered nutritionist based in Nairobi. Passionate about writing and helping people solve problems, he's been actively blogging since 2014 on tech, nutrition and "pseudo poetry".

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