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3 Quick Ways to Import Contacts in Windows Phone

Have you gotten yourself a Windows 10 Mobile phone and you’re wondering how to get back all your contacts from your old phone? Worry not, I got you covered having been there myself not too long ago.

You can import contacts using the following three different ways:

  • Form your SIM Card
  • Using the Transfer My Data App
  • From a vCard (vcf) file

Let’s take a look at all the methods.


Option 1: Import contacts from your SIM Card

1. Make sure first that you have contacts already saved on your SIM. You can export them from your old phone’s store to the sim card if it supports it. In Android you can do that from the “Contacts” app.

2. On your Windows phone, open the People app.

3. Launch the settings using the three dots on the bottom right.

4. Scroll to the bottom and under the SIM option select the import from SIM link.

5. Select which SIM to import from if you’re using a Dual SIM device.

6. Select next then import to complete the process.


Option 2: Import using Transfer my Data App

Transfer my data start page
Transfer My Data Start Page

1. Launch the Transfer my Data app from the app list. If it’s not pre-installed, you can get it from the store.

2. Hit the Continue button.

3. Switch on bluetooth on your old phone with the contacts. Make sure it’s discoverable. You can also pair them prior to starting this process to avoid any hiccups.

4. Pair the two phones and then wait for a connection to be established.

5. Allow Phone Book Access on your old phone if prompted. Accept all other prompts too.

6. Once it finds the contacts, the contacts option will be made available. Put a check mark on it.

7. Now give it some time to find the other data. Unfortunately you can’t skip that part.

8. When finished, just hit the start button. If you need to import the other data like text messages, just add a check mark on them before hitting start.


Option 3: Import Contacts from a vCard

Please read this post on how to import a vCard (*.vcf) in WIndows 10 Mobile.



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