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Reasons Why Design is So Important in Marketing

The importance of graphic design for digital marketing has become an indispensable part of the business strategy of any company that wants to advance or stay on top in the 21st century.

Graphic design is the most powerful form of art, which can breathe freshness and innovation into digital marketing and elevate it to a whole new level. It is also a key component for building a brand and its recognition among the target group, as well as a key element that can influence the customer to make a purchase decision.

Let’s see how and why design is important to marketing.

Graphic Elements in a Marketing Campaign

Although ads with text in the main role still achieve excellent results, the fact is that those with a balance between text and graphics fare even better with target groups. The reason for this is that behind every graphic shape, color, or letter there is a deep psychological consideration, and they all symbolize a certain emotion or feeling that a potential customer should feel.

The way web designers put the elements together can make a marketing campaign either a success or a complete failure. For example, the use of color can evoke a range of emotions in the audience. Let’s recall the meaning of some of them:

  • Red – strength, power, passion, danger.
  • Orange – happiness, enthusiasm, encouragement.
  • Blue – authenticity, warmth, communicativeness, openness.
  • Yellow – intelligence, energy, cheerfulness.
  • Green – freshness, harmony, fertility.
  • Pink – feminine and gentle.
  • Purple – luxury, wealth, extravagance.
  • White – goodness and purity.
  • Black – elegance, formality, mystery.

A Few More Good Reasons

Whether you talk to experts in the field of branding or social media marketing, both will tell you the same thing – graphic designers and digital marketers work together to create a unique strategy to sell a particular product online.

Someone once said: good design is easy to spot, but great design is not. Why is that so? It’s a simple, great design that follows the brand story, blends naturally with it, and doesn’t need to jump out.

As a business owner, you want your product to be loved by customers and presented in the best possible way. You also want to be proud of it. Then your visuals should be in that same manner, right?

We will use the following analogy to explain this thesis to you. Would you show up at your company’s New Year’s party in a tracksuit? Of course not. You would dress up so that everyone is impressed with your appearance. Also, understand that the visuals made with graphic design are wardrobes that you save for special occasions.

That’s why for important occasions, choose only the best visuals (when it comes to campaigns on social networks, website visuals, or banners on portals).

Increases Sales

The fact that people are visual beings is supported by another related fact, which is that we get attached to beautifully designed products. A high-quality packaging design can indicate to the customer that an equally high-quality product is waiting for them inside. They can get that impression when they see a high-quality logo design or a brochure that exudes luxury and sophistication.


Personalization is an important topic because it brings so many benefits that we simply cannot skip it. Let’s take, for example, stock photos, which many graphic designers use. The difference between those who just put them as a background and those who arrange elements on them in such a way that the visual gets a completely different meaning is huge. Visual personalization makes a huge difference.

In this way, the brand shows customers that it invests in design and that it works hard on the little things, which can indicate to them that they work equally hard on the product itself, that is, that they leave nothing to chance.

Know Your Audience

We could say that design in marketing is what makes the connection between a business and its customers. And if you’re not using good, quality design, you might be missing out on some great opportunities. Marketing can include many things, from your website design to your ads or anything else you use to promote your startup or business.

It is also important to know your target audience so you can design your marketing in a way that helps users understand you, and you should avoid designs that are not relevant to your target audience.

Let’s take Facebook ads as an example. When you come across an ad on Facebook, what determines whether you click on it or not? If the ad is relevant to you, it will attract your attention, and you are much more likely to click on it. But if it’s not relevant, you’ll probably just keep scrolling.

We hope this information has helped you understand how important design is for marketing.


Julius G. Evans

Julius is a business writer that specializes in the marketing and technology segments. He is especially keen on topics that help small businesses navigate and grow their enterprises online through incisive articles on various internet marketing trends.