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How to View All Your YouTube Comments

YouTube is not just a video sharing website. Over the years it has grown into a huge community of people, and nowhere is that more evident than in the videos’ comment section.

In this way, the videos can be seen as conversation starters which may lead to meaningful and thriving discussions while also opening the door to the unavoidable evils that we often see littered there.

As such, it’s not surprising if at some point you may want to find a specific comment that you left on a particular video. Probably it’s something you’d wish to repeat elsewhere, like on another video, or it could be a way of just finding a particular video that you watched but can’t remember its title.

Whichever the reason, the good news is that it’s possible to view your entire comment history on YouTube; though I can’t promise finding a specific comment is going to be easy, especially if you happen to be quite the prolific one in the comment section.

NOTE: YouTube comment notifications will open a specific comment should it get some new activity (e.g., a reply) through the highlighted comment feature. This makes finding your comments much easier than before.

View Entire YouTube Comment History

  1. 1. Go to YouTube and log into your account first.  If you’re already logged in and have multiple Google Accounts, make sure to first switch to the one you wish to view the comments. Likewise, if you have multiple channels under the same or different accounts, make sure you switch to the right channel.
    An image showing YouTube account switching menu.
  2. Click the menu button to reveal the sidebar, then select the History option.
  3. That will take you to the watch history page which lists the most recent videos you’ve watched. On the right side of the page, click the Comments option listed under the MANAGE ALL HISTORY menu.
    A screenshot showing the watch history options on YouTube.
  4. Clicking that link will take you away from YouTube and open your Google’s account My Activity page where all your comments will be listed.
    A screenshot showing YouTube comments on Google My Activity page.
  5. All the comments will be categorized under the date and time they were left, starting with the most recent ones. The links to the title and thumbnail of the YouTube video where you left the comment is shown for each comment. Opening this link will open the video’s comment section on YouTube and highlight the comment for you.
    A screenshot showing a highlighted reply on YouTube comment section.
  6. To see your entire comments, just scroll down the page, and it will automatically load new items; and should you wish to delete any comment, just click the X button at the top right of each comment.

Finding a Particular Comment

As I alluded to earlier, finding a specific comment in this page may prove difficult if you happen to have tons of comments. Sadly, Google does not provide any kind of sorting, filter or search functionality to find particular comments. I guess you’ll just have to utilize your eyes pretty well here.

If that proves to be too much for you, the closest thing to a search function is to use the browser’s search functionality. To do that, open the search box using Ctrl+F then enter the term to find.

Before searching, ensure that you’ve loaded all your comments by scrolling down until no more items are loaded.


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