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How to Forward Calls in Windows 10 Mobile

Regardless of how “smart” a phone gets, it still has to fulfil the most essential feature of a phone: making and taking calls. But beyond this, you may have other needs pertaining to calls and one of them is to forward or divert calls.

Forwarding/Diverting calls is indispensable if you have multiple numbers (e.g work and personal) because you can easily forward calls to which ever number you want. You can also forward calls to other numbers in situations when you’re busy or can’t be reached.

Windows 10 does this right out of the box, however finding the setting themselves may not be easy for everyone.

Still, whether this works or not will ultimately be dependent on your carrier. So first confirm with them and see if they do support forwarding/diverting calls. Some may not support configuring the diverts on the phone but will instead provide you with short codes.

Method 1: Set Up Forwards in Extras

Man on Phone
It’s Not a Smartphone If it Can’t Make “Smart” Calls

1. Open the Settings

2. Go to Extras

3. In Extras open the Network Services link

4. Under Call settings choose your network provider sim. For a dual sim phone, choose the sim you want to edit the settings for.

5. That should bring you to the call settings. Give it time to retrieve settings from your network provider.

6. Typically there are four categories that include:

  • All Calls – this forwards all calls to the number you provide
  • When I don’t answer
  • When I’m Busy
  • When I can’t be reached
Call forwarding
Extras: Call Forwarding

Edit any of the forwards with the number you wish to forward calls to

Method 2: Set Up Forward in SIM Settings

1. Open the Settings

2. Go to System  >> Phone

3. Scroll to the bottom to SIM settings

4. Select the SIM you want to change settings for

5. Under Calls you’ll find a Call forwarding toggle.

Call Forwarding
Phone Settings: Call Forwarding

Turn it on then just below input the number you want calls forwarded to.


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