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How to Enable Missing Jetpack Email Share Button

Jetpack’s sharing module provides an easy and convenient way of integrating share buttons into your WordPress site without having to use other plugins. What’s more, the module includes buttons not only for the most popular social networks but also for email and printing.

All of these share buttons work out of the box with the exception of the email share button which by default has Akismet as a dependency. What this means is that the email share button will not be available as an option in the Share settings if you don’t have the Akismet plugin installed in your WordPress site.

Jetpack doesn’t make this clear in their settings and as such it’s easy to conclude that the problem is on your end if not altogether opting for another share plugin. Fortunately, you don’t have to use Akismet to get the email button should you prefer to use a different anti-spam plugin.

Add Code to Enable Jetpack Email Share Button

To do this, we need to add some little code into our WordPress functions.php to make the button available. The simplest way to this by using a functionality plugin such as Code Snippets which allows you to add the code without editing your theme.

php code
Code Snippet

Besides this, you will be able to retain the functionality should you change themes not to mention you can disable or delete the code with a quick toggle.

So create a new snippet and add to it the following code:

add_filter( 'sharing_services_email', '__return_true' );

Save and activate the plugin then go to Jetpack’s Sharing settings in Jetpack > Tools > Marketing > Sharing Buttons.

jetpack share this
Email button available for adding

The email action should now be available in the list of visible buttons as shown above.


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