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How to View Embedded Lyrics in Windows Phone

Now more than ever, thanks to smartphones, we can easily carry almost all our music collections with us everywhere we go. No need for portable players and certainly no need for laptops. Still, all this comes at a cost and the most obvious is the quality of the music and all that accompanies it.

When it comes to smartphones, the one thing that determines the quality of the music experience is certainly the music player, and lyrics are often an ignored feature. 

In Windows 10 Mobile, Groove is Microsoft’s idea of a wholesome music player. It has indeed come a long way going by all the bugs that use to cripple it but nonetheless it has still a long way to go. Meanwhile there are some good free alternatives to fill some of its gaps sadly however very few support embedded lyrics.

Online vs Embedded Lyrics

embedded lyrics

There are a lot of players in the store that support lyrics, but most only support online lyrics, which is to mean they have to fetch lyrics from an online database every single time you play the music (not unless they save iit for future use).

For some this is hardly an issue, but for others, including yours truly, find this rather pointless when the music itself has already been tagged with the lyrics (embedded lyrics). Such a venture takes a lot of time so you can imagine the disappointment when you find out some of the best music players available can’t display this type of lyrics.

That became my predicament for a while after switching from Android, which I have to say is awash with players that support this.

Fortunately, after some digging around in the store, I finally stumbled on a player that supports embedded lyrics. I thought I should share this for those that may have found themselves in a similar situation.

View Lyrics with Perfect Folder Player

As the name suggest this is essentially a folder player meaning it doesn’t try to categorize your music based on the music tags (artist, album, track). Funny thing though is that it reads the lyric tags, something that the majority of “tag based” music players don’t.

In terms of features, this is quite an odd folder player, as its not bare bones as you would’ve expected. In addition to the obvious, which is playing your music, it does a lot more which you can read in this review here.

To display the embedded lyrics you only have to swipe left on the now playing page or tap the lyric button. The lyrics are displayed nicely on a plain background however the font size used may be too small for some. Unfortunately, there’s no way of adjusting this within the app.


now playing page
Now Playing Page
lyrics page
Lyric Page


All in all, Perfect Folder Player is a decent music player and not just for displaying embedded lyrics. What’s more it’s completely free however if you don’t like ads consider supporting the developer (Perfect Thumb) by purchasing the ad-free version.

Perfect Thumb also has another music player called Perfect Music Player. It’s essentially the same as this only that it uses the tags to categorize the music. It also supports embedded lyrics.

The only reason I didn’t choose it over Perfect Folder is because it has some nasty ads that display even when internet is turned off. Those ads pretty much render the app unusable at times which is rather a big shame because it’s quite a decent music player if not one of the best.

Get it from the Store:  Perfect Folder Player
Supports: Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1


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