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How to Display Embedded Lyrics in PotPlayer

PotPlayer is a versatile multimedia player. It supports a wide range of video formats as well as audio ones.

For this reason one can also use PotPlayer as a dedicated music player. It even supports an equalizer, surround sound and some useful sound effects to customize your listening experience.

Furthermore, while it has no music organizing capabilities such as those of traditional music players like WMP, Foobar and Jaangle just to mention a few, one can leverage its powerful playlist features to manage music collections.

But how about lyrics? Can PotPlayer show the lyrics like other music players, specifically those tagged into audio files, otherwise known as embedded lyrics?

The answer is yes, but you wouldn’t have known, seeing the lyrics are supported as subtitles. Yes, that’s right: video subtitles.

Showing Embedded Lyrics in PotPlayer

First and foremost, make sure you’re using a recent version of PotPlayer. According to the changelog, support for built-in lyrics in MP3s was added in version 1.5.35238 back from 2013.

To display the lyrics, just load your audio file into the player and press ALT+E. Alternatively, you can use the pop-up menu by going to Right-click > Subtitles > Browse/Edit/Sync/Subtitles…

The lyrics should appear on the Subtitle Browser panel. Here’s a screenshot showing some tagged lyrics:

A screenshot showing PotPlayer's main window and lyric panel

If there are no tagged lyrics the panel will show up as empty. You may however want to confirm this is the case with another audio player or music tagger.

As far as supported audio formats go, PotPlayer managed to display the embedded lyrics in the MP3, M4A and FLAC audio files that I tested.

I couldn’t however get the player to display lyrics in OGG, WMA and AAC audio files. On the other hand, this wasn’t a thorough test.


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