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Disable Mecer UPS Beeps

Most UPS come with an alarm system. Mecer UPS’s are no different. The beeps that come from this alarm are important as they alert you of power faults, the battery voltage running low or a battery failure.

The beeps can however be very annoying, especially if they’re positioned very close to where you’re working. I experience frequent power failures where I live and can attest to this very fact.

Fortunately, it’s possible to disable the alarm through UPS management software. Mecer UPS ship with a software called ViewPower which can do this. The software is however bloated, heavy on the computer resources and most of all very slow since it runs through the browser.

As an alternative, I use the lightweight UPS Assistant which disables the beeps in just one click. Here’s how to use it.

Disable UPS Beeps with UPS Assistant

  1. Download and install UPS Assistant. You may want to configure it to run at startup properly if you’re using Windows 8/10/11.
  2. Connect your Mecer UPS to your computer via the USB port (or Serial Port).
  3. Run UPS Assistant, and it will detect the UPS automatically. For instance, the software detects my Mecer ME-650-VU with the message — Mustek Protocol UPS detected: USB.
  4. Now, to disable the beeps just click the Volume icon on its top menu.
An image showing the beeper alarm toggle in UPS Assistant.
UPS Assistant Beeper Toggle

This setting will only toggle off the UPS beeper until you switch off the UPS. The ViewPower setting works the same way.

As far as I know, there is no permanent solution to turning off the beeper through software. The only permanent fix I suppose is to open up the UPS and either remove the speaker or muffle it by some mechanism.

Still, as long as you’ve UPS Assistant running in the system tray at startup, the toggle is only two clicks a way — a significant improvement to the long-winded process through ViewPower.


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