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AdSense to Roll Out YouTube Payment Account

Earnings from YouTube are sent to the AdSense dashboard without the U.S. Chapter 3 withholding tax applied. If you’ve other AdSense earnings, the YouTube earnings are added to them so that the balance includes the total of the two.

This behavior is however scheduled to change starting March 2022 when Google plans to start rolling out a dedicated payment account for YouTube earnings. This update will also include a YouTube homepage in AdSense.

After you receive this update, your YouTube earnings will no longer be combined with other AdSense earnings. Instead, each will have its own payment account.

What this Means for Publishers and YouTube Creators

What this means, is that you’ll have two payment accounts: one for YouTube earnings and another for other AdSense earnings. Pay-outs for each account will as such be sent out separately. Each account will however have to reach the payment threshold for the payment to be sent.

On the other hand if you’ve only YouTube earnings in your AdSense account this change will have no effect on how you were receiving your payments.

If however you have both YouTube and other AdSense earnings (e.g from AdSense ads on your site), then this change brings with it some advantages as well as disaadvantages.

The biggest advantage is that going forward you’ll be able to easily view and manage your YouTube earnings without them getting mixed up with other AdSense earnings.

The disadvantage of this however is that if you’ve modest earnings, then going forward you may not be able to reach your payment threshold as quickly as before.

This is because combining the earnings into one account meant that you only had one threshold to meet. In this new regime, you’ll have two thresholds to satisfy. As such, you may have to wait longer to receive your payments.

The payment thresholds for both are determined by the currency in which you’re paid in. The thresholds are as follows.

Payment Thresholds for YouTube Earnings

CurrencyPayment Threshold
U.S. Dollar (USD)$100
Australian Dollar (AUD)A$100
Canadian Dollar (CAD)C$100
Chilean peso (CLP)CLP$60000
Czech Koruna (CZK)Kč2000
Danish Krone (DKK)kr600
Euro (EUR)€70
Great British Pound (GBP)£60
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)HK$800
Hungarian Forint (HUF)Ft20,000
Indonesian rupiah (IDR)Rp1300000
Israeli Shekel (ILS)₪400
Japanese Yen (JPY)¥8000
Jordanian dinar (JOD)دينار‎;70
Mexican Peso (MXN)Mex$1,200
Moroccan dirham (MAD).د.م800
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)$130
Norwegian Krone (NOK)kr600
Peruvian sol (PEN)S/300
Polish Zloty (PLN)zł300
Singapore Dollar (SGD)S$150
South African Rand (ZAR)R1000
Swedish Krona (SEK)kr700
Swiss Franc (CHF)Fr100
Tunisian dinar (TND)د.ت,200
Turkish Lira (TRY)₺200
United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)د.إ350
Uruguayan peso (UYU)$U2400
Payment Thresholds for YouTube Earnings for different currencies

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