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How to Add an End of Call Tone or Vibration in Android

Typically, when a call ends, be it after hanging up or having been unanswered, the phone signals the termination of the call with a tone or a beep if you like. This has been common to all the phones I’ve had the pleasure of using, that is from feature phones running Symbian, Android and not forgetting Windows Phone.

My current and relatively new Android device, a Xiaomi Redmi Go to be specific, however seems to be the exception to the rule so far. The issue is quite peculiar though as it seems to beep on some calls while on others it’s just, well silent.

While at first this seems like a minor issue, the consequence of not having that beep is that on several occasions I’ve been left stupidly talking to myself because my caller run out of airtime, a rather common occurrence in a country where the overwhelming majority of mobile subscribers use prepaid plans.

The turning point however came when I recently lent out the phone to my dad to make an urgent call only for me to realize that he had held onto it for an inordinately long period without talking.

As it turned out the call had gone unanswered, and while it was no longer ringing, he never got the cue that the call had ended since he was still waiting for the beep. That’s the extent to which this beep has conditioned us! Anyway after that experience I knew I had to find a solution.

Adding the End of Call Tone without Root

Initially I had thought this would at the very least require root to fix and so for a few months I shelved the idea of getting a fix for this issue. That’s until recently when I took a gamble and ended up successfully rooting the Redmi Go. I was now ready to dive in.

So as usual I checked for fixes online and went through the Xposed and Magisk Modules but came empty. Ironically what I could find was quite the opposite; that is, people complaining that the beep was too loud and looking for ways to get rid of it.

My search however did eventually lead me to the Play Store where I found one app that somewhat could accomplish what I was looking for but only through vibration.

The app, On Call End (not call log), had last been updated in 2013 though it did install and run well on the Redmi running Oreo. Unfortunately, the app did not leave up to its expectations though you may want to give a try.

A google search for a similar app luckily unearthed another a similar app called Call End Tone Free. This app was however no longer available on the Play Store instead I could only find it from third party stores, top of the search results being the rather ubiquitous Uptodown.

With no better options, I ended downloading the app from this site. I took their word for it that their apks are safe; apparently they’ve a tight partnership with Virus Total to back this claim.

Fortunately, the risk was well worth it. The app though outdated and with an interface straight from the days of Gingerbread did surprisingly fix the issue for me. Even better it allows you to select a tone of your liking or to use a vibration instead.

end call tone settings
End Tone Options

I ended going with the latter which I’ve found to be more effective as it cannot be drowned out by surrounding noise.



  1. I found for the very first time Call End Tone Free on Google Play. As you said, it is not available there anymore and I also found it on Uptodown. However, not being available in Google Play is suspicious enough. Why? Is it something wrong with the app? Plus, I receive constant security warnings about this app being very thirsty and using excessively the battery. What do you think? I am still using it, as I find it very useful and I am still confused why there are no more apps like it.

    1. Kelvin Administrator

      I think its no longer on the Playstore since it’s no longer in active development. The latest version was released back in 2016. As for the battery use, I’ve no such issue with mine and have never received any warnings about the app, even from Google Play Protect. Version 0.10 from UptoDown which is what I’m currently using has no malware detection on Virus Total:
      Could you verify you’re using this version too?

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