How to Stop Comment Email Notifications for a Specific YouTube Video

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For the past two weeks I've been getting tons of comments on what's clearly my most popular video on YouTube. I don't know what has prompted the sudden upsurge of interest in the subject matter addressed in that video (Highlighted Comments), as it's pretty old news by now (I first noticed them around mid-2016 shortly after which I made that video).

Now I know, this should ideally be exciting for me as this means more user engagement and views, however that's not the case for two reasons: the obvious one is that most of the comments are not meaningful in any way (and by that I don't mean those merely leaving negative comments; case in point, there's the occasional stranger that for whatever reason just leaves some random letters). Second is that all this interest was quite timely in that it came a week or two after YouTube implemented their mass demonetization of small channels, of which my channel fell victim to.

While that has dealt a severe blow in my efforts to keep that channel alive, it's not enough of a reason to prompt me to unsubscribe to all email comment notifications. Consequently, I've flirted with the idea of disabling comments in that video for good, however that didn't sit well with me seeing that would mean denying people a "voice". As you can imagine this had me in a dilemma - on one hand these notifications have completely overrun my inbox yet on the other hand I would still wish to get notifications from my other videos (including this one once the interest has subsided).

A Solution

So after days of contemplating what to do, yesterday while I was checking my Gmail settings for a completely different matter, a workaround happened upon me: I could simply set a filter for these particular emails. So I did just that and now my problem is solved: all the email notifications for this specific video are being skipped from the inbox and instead get archived as they arrive. Sweet! You can also use other filters like deleting the emails, labelling them, putting them to a given category etc.

If this is sufficient for your needs, here's how to go about it:


1. Log in to your Gmail Account on desktop. If you're on the mobile site, switch to the desktop view. It's the only way to access the entire settings.

2. In your inbox open the YouTube comment email notification for the target video and copy its Subject. It's should be something like: New Comment on "Title of the Video"
copy subject
Copy the Email's Subject

3. Next click on the gear icon and select Settings from the menu.

4. Inside the Settings window, select the Filters and blocked addresses tab then select the option to Create a new filter.
new filter
Create a New Filter

5. In the filter window, paste the subject we copied in the Subject textbox then click on the Search button to preview which emails will be filtered with that rule.
paste subject
Paste the Subject

6. You should be able to see all the emails that contain that Subject i.e. all the comments notifications for that video.
search filter results
Search Filter Results for my Video

7. In the search box next to the filter, click on the small down facing arrow to bring the filter window into view again. At the bottom of its window, select the option to Create filter with this search.
create filter
Create the Filter

8. Now decide how you'd want it to handle the emails that get filtered. You've the following choices:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it) - emails won't show up in the inbox, instead they will be archived as they arrive. The archived emails can be viewed from the All Mail option (not the Archive label)
  • Mark as Read - will mark it as read but will still show up in your inbox.
  • Star it
  • Apply the Label - marks the emails with an existing label or one that you create.
  • Forward it - forwards it to another email address.
  • Delete it - sends them to the Trash Bin (emails here are automatically cleared after 30 days)
  • Never Send it to Spam
  • Always mark it as important
  • Never mark it as important
  • Categorise as - puts the emails into a given category.
filter options
Filter Options

Since we don't want them anywhere close to the inbox, Skip the Inbox and Delete it option are the most suitable.

9. If you want the existing emails to be applied that filter, put a check mark on Also apply filter to matching messages.

10. Click on the Create filter button to finish.
created filter
Filter is Now Active

Now every email comment notification for that video should be well taken care of by that filter. If at any point you'd wish to edit or delete this filter, you can find these options in the Filters and blocked addresses settings.

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