How to Fix Android's Habit Browser Download Failed Error

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The other day while looking around online what folks consider as the "best" browser for Android, I stumbled on Habit Browser on Reddit's Android subreddit. So naturally I gave it a try and I got more than what I had bargained for. This little nifty browser has so many features, useful ones I might add, that I was immediately overwhelmed by it, but in a good way. So after setting everything up as I wanted in it's robust settings, I took it out on a spin and that's when I realized it had one fatal flaw: all downloads, including the Save to HTML/PDF, failed. It didn't matter whether the download location was set to the internal storage or SD card, all of them failed.

A quick look online thereafter revealed that I wasn't the only victim to this mysterious error. A probable cause that came up was that the browser had "compatibility" problems with newer versions of Android (Marshmallow, Nougat etc) since it was no longer in active development and because it worked fine on the older versions. The only solution that I came across was to use an different version of the browser called Habit Browser Classic (v1.109), and oddly enough this worked flawlessly.

However, Habit Browser Classic being older (I think) meant it lacked some features, top of which was the Save to HTML/PDF that had sold me to this browser. So not being content with the state affairs here I sought to find a solution on my own.

The Fix

So after some pondering I suspected that the problem could've have to do with the permission settings, specifically that of Storage access, since from my brief use after switching back to Android I noticed that now it expected some apps to be explicitly granted this and other permissions. Sure enough, this was the culprit. To give Habit Browser that permission do the following:

I did this on:
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Habit Browser v1.1.77

Tip: A rundown of the problem and the fix can also be watched here in my YouTube Channel.


1. Go to your Android Settings then open Apps.
android settings

2. In the app list scroll down and then open Habit Browser.
app settings
Open Habit Browser App Settings

3. In its settings open Permissions - below it you'll notice it's listed as "No permissions granted".
app permissions
Open Permissions

4. Now, in the App permissions just turn on the slider on the Storage permission. You might also want to turn on the Location one if you need it.
storage permission
Activate Storage Permission

That should do it.

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