How to Subscribe to and Redeem Airtel's Zawadi Points

zawadi points

As is the case with Safaricom's Bonga Points and Telkom's Ziada Points, Airtel too has their own loyalty programme that goes by the name of Zawadi Points. Interesting enough, most people I encounter using Airtel don't seem to be aware of its existence, which is a shame because most would have accrued so many points by now.

I believe Airtel is to blame for this as I've never up to this day heard or seen them run any sort of ad campaign regarding their loyalty programme. I take it that offering free stuff is not exactly a good idea for any business no matter how noble it comes across to the public. Even with their stratospheric profits, Safaricom seems to have gone full swing in the past few years in ensuring their customers dispose of their amassed points, all while ensuring they either make a profit out of it or at least break even in the process, so that now, unlike the past, you can't redeem a device without topping up with some cash. With Airtel things are not that different, which makes sense since they're hardly making any profits.

How to Enrol to Zawadi Points?

So if you haven't yet enrolled to Zawadi points, do this: go to your phone dialler and dial *326#. In the menu choose 3 to Enrol into Zawadi Points. The loyalty program is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

How do you Earn Zawadi Point?

As is the case with Bonga Points, you get 1 Zawadi point for every Ksh.10 spent using any of Airtel's chargeable services (calls, data, sms etc.). Note you don't get points by recharging, but only with spending. Regarding the value of the points, that's dependent on what you choose to redeem.

How to Redeem Zawadi Points?

Unlike with Bonga points, with Zawadi you only get the chance to redeem three things:
  1. Airtime
  2. Data Bundle
  3. Phones and Accessories
Redeemable Items

To redeem the points, dial *326# and in the menu choose 2 for redeem. In the next menu choose any of the three options that you wish to redeem.

Redeem Zawadi Points

What's the Value of the Zawadi Points?

As I said before, the value of the points is dependent on what you choose to redeem. For instance, while 25 points gets you Ksh.5 worth of Airtime it also gets you only 6MB of data. Bad ratio there considering that while the same Bonga points gets you the same amount of Airtime (Ksh.5 @ 25 points), data wise you get 7mb of data with just 15 points. So in other words choose wisely what to redeem.

Fortunately, the Airtime you redeem can be used to call and text sms on other networks not just within Airtel.

For what it's worth, take my word and redeem 50 Zawadi points for 15MB. You'll thank me later.

Checking Balance of Redeemed Airtime and Data Bundle

To check the redeemed Airtime balance, dial *131*8#. For data, just dial the usual *544*3#.

How to Redeem Zawadi Points for Phones and Accessories

Regarding redeeming of Phones and Accessories, the points are first converted to a discount voucher. The ratio for coming up with that voucher is that 3 Zawadi points is equivalent to Ksh.1.
So when you try to redeem Phones and Accessories you'll be prompted to enter the amount of Ksh you wish to generate a voucher for.
Enter Amount to Generate Voucher

So if for instance you have 4500 Zawadi points you can generate a discount voucher worth Ksh.1500 (4500/3=KSh.1500). In such a case, you'll enter the 1500 and then you'll get details of the discount voucher sent via SMS. After doing this, you have to present this voucher to an Airtel shop agent and after processing you can purchase a device of your choice with that amount discounted.

If you happen not to get your voucher sent, dial *326# and select the last option there - Resend Voucher.

Can I Transfer Zawadi Points?

Sure you can. Find out more here.

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