How to Sambaza Your Telkom Kenya Credit to Another Number


You may not know this but it's possible to sambaza your Telkom (formally Orange Kenya) airtime to another number just like in Airtel or Safaricom. The minimum amount you can transfer to another Telkom number is Ksh.10 while the maximum is set at Ksh.3500. Regarding costs, you will not be charged anything for this transfer unlike Airtel which has recently introduced a charge on their Me2U service which is the equivalent of  this and Safaricom's sambaza.

To transfer credit to another Telkom number, you can use either of three options that include:
  • USSD Short Code
  • Using Sim Toolkit/Sim Applications
  • Using myOrange App (might not work due to the rebranding)
Let's look at the three of them:

A. USSD Short Code

1. Go to your phone application and dial #123#.

2. Enter 5 for Products and services.
products and services
Select Products and services

3. Enter 1 for Credit transfer.
credit transfer
Select Credit Transfer

4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer (10-3500).
Enter Amount to Transfer

5. Enter the number to receive the amount, send and you're done; Now just wait to receive the confirmation SMS.
Enter Recipient's No.

B. Using Sim Toolkit/Sim Applications

1. Open the Telkom Sim Toolkit/Sim Applications and select Orange Services. In some older SIMs you'll have to select Orange Services followed by Services.
usim toolkit
Telkom Sim Toolkit

2. In the menu select Credit Transfer.
Credit Transfer

3. On the newer SIMs, that will send a USSD request which will prompt you enter details similar to the first method.

4. In the older SIMs, proceed and enter the amount you wish to transfer (10-3500).

5. Enter the number to receive the amount manually or search from your phonebook.

6. That will send a request, now just wait to receive the confirmation SMS.

C. Using myOrange App

1. Open myOrange App (available on Android only).

2. In the swipe menu, select Offers & Services.
myorange menu
myOrange App Offers and Services Page

3. In the Offers & Services menu select Credit Transfer followed by the Transfer Airtime button.
transfer button
Transfer Credit Button

4. That will send a USSD request which will prompt you enter details similar to the first method.

So that's it. Use the method that you prefer, however the first two are the most reliable ones. Orange, now Telkom, has not updated their app in a couple of years now and I think it's only a matter of time before it becomes obsolete - though they a good reason to update it now owing to the rebranding.


Thanks. It worked perfectly although the USSD menu has changed a bit. Do you publish guest posts by the way?


I wrote this before they rebranded hence the outdated menu. I should be updating the screenshots soon now that you mentioned it. Thanks for that by the way. About guest posts, I hadn't thought about them. I suppose I can allow them so long as the post is somewhat relevant to the blog. You can reach me from my contact page for more details.


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