How to Sambaza Your Airtel Credit to Another Number


Many people may not know this but you can actually sambaza your Airtel credit just like in Safaricom. The procedure is a little bit different but the end result, that is to transfer your Airtime, is the same. Airtel appropriately calls this service ME2U and it is baffling to me why they never sensitize their customers on it's availability.

The minimum amount you can transfer is set to Ksh.10 and the maximum is Ksh.1000. You can also use either the Airtel menu or SMS to transfer the airtime. Sadly there's no USSD shortcut as is the case with safaricom's Sambaza, but this may be a security precaution on Airtel's part to avoid anybody from easily transferring your airtime. Let' see how we go about it.

A. Using SIM Menu

1. On your phone go to your Airtel Sim Card Menu  (Sim Card Toolkit/Applications).

2. Select the Airtel Services.

3. In the menu select the first option ME2U.
Airtel Services

4. Depending on your SIM card you'll find either one or two options in that Menu: Send airtime credit and Change PIN. Select the first option i.e. Send airtime credit.
Send Airtime

5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer then press the OK button.
Enter Amount

6. In the next menu select Phone number to manually enter the Airtel number to which you want to transfer the airtime. If you have the number in your phone book you can search it using the second option - Phonebook.

7. Confirm the details then press the OK button to proceed.

8. After this you will be prompted to enter your PIN. If it's your first time using the service, the default pin is 0000. You can change this later by selecting the Change PIN option. More on that below. Press Ok when you're done.

9. That's it. You will receive an SMS immediately from ME2U of a successful transfer.

B. Using SMS

1. Open your SMS Messaging app and send a message with this format to 5050:
2u [phone number] [amount] [password]
e.g.  2u 0733333333 10 0000
Edit SMS

2. You will receive a confirmation SMS from ME2U of a successful transfer.

Changing Your ME2U PIN

The default password is set to 0000. To change it, you can use the Change PIN option that can be found in the ME2U option in the Airtel SIM card Menu. You can also change it using SMS by doing the following:

1. Open your SMS Messaging app and send the following message to 5050:
Pin [old password] [new password]
e.g. Pin 0000 1234

Note: The password should be a 4 digit number, and while you are at it, choose a strong number that you don't use anywhere else.


SMS received on this new charge

Starting from 24th February 2017, Airtel has introduced a 3% charge on the amount transferred or a minimum Ksh1.20 e.g. if you transfer Ksh50, you will be charged Ksh1.50 (0.03*50=1.50). The company is clearly going through tough times.

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