How to Buy Telkom Kenya Credit Using M-PESA For Free


Did you know that its actually possible to buy Telkom Kenya airtime using Safaricom's M-PESA service? This is a lifesaver in situations where you don't have Telkom Money or if you can't find Telkom airtime in the shops. Yes, it happens.

What's more, if you top up this way with any amount above Ksh.10, you'll get a 20% bonus (e-jaze bonus) for the airtime purchased. If you do the math there, a top up of Ksh.100 will get you a bonus of 20, while a top up Ksh. 50 gets you 10. That's a a very good deal if you ask me. So much so, that it's reason enough to consider buying airtime this way for good.

This service has been there for quite a long time and is provided by Pesapal's Pay Bill (Lipa na M-PSEA). Consequently, you will incur some transactional charges from M-PESA when buying credit this way, but if you buy credit equal to or below Ksh.100 you won't be charged anything thanks to M-PESA Kadogo.

As such, if you need anything higher than Ksh.100 just do multiple transactions though note that their may be a limit on how many times you can transact to the same number in an hour. Don't underestimate that because adding a mere shilling to this KSh.100 ceiling, goes from charging you nothing to KSh.22. If you were wondering where's the catch to M-PESA Kadogo, I think its pretty evident now.

  • To check the M-PESA transcation charges for free, dial *234# > My Mpesa Infromation > Tariff Query > Lipa na M-PESA then enter the above paybill followed by the amount you wish to buy.
  •  If you get lost in the steps below you can try watching this video tutorial.

Telkom have introduced another Paybill number that you can also use to buy your airtime. The Paybill no. is 510800 from iPay LTD. If you've been having problems with the Paypal one (220220), you can use this one instead. Currently, you'll also get a 100% bonus if you top up using it.
new paybill
New Paybill


1. Go to the M-PESA Menu on your Phone

2. Select the Lipa na M-PESA option then choose the first option Pay Bill
lipa na mpesa
Lipa na M-PESA

3. Select Enter business no. then enter 220220 or 510800 and press OK when done
ipay paybill
Enter Paybill No.

4. In the next menu select then enter your Telkom Kenya number.
Enter your Number

5. Under Enter Amount enter the amount of credit you want to purchase e.g. 10 and press OK when done

6. Enter your M-PESA Pin

7. Confirm the transaction by pressing the OK button

8. Make sure to confirm the transaction details. Should the details be wrong enter any number or letter to cancel the transaction before the 25 seconds lapse.

9. Now just wait for the M-PESA transaction SMS on your Safaricom line to confirm the transaction.
m-pesa sms
M-PESA Transaction SMS

As soon as it arrives you should also receive a top up SMS on your Telkom line from e-jaze.
e-jaze Top-up SMS (notice the bonus)

10. To confirm the top up dial *131# to check your balance.


Works like a charm. Txn Cost:0.00
You even get e-jaze Bonus.
awesome. this will surely save me, coz i buy 500 Orange Airtime monthly.


pesapal took 24hours to debit the airtime on an telkom line that i bought 50 bob credit with via mpesa. That was distasteful!


Beautiful. Works so well.


Its nearly 12,hours now and my airtime has not been credited .you can't save on an emergency situation.


Sorry to hear that, it usually doesn't take that long. Have you tried calling Telekom's customer care? They should sort you out.


I don't trust them.I bought 100 Bob of airtime.the money got lost in the air.. spoke to them more than 4times,only being told the issue is being worked month now,i never saw my cash