How to Save a Contact from the Call Log in Windows 10 Mobile

It's often the case that you get a call from an unsaved number only to want save it for future purposes. It happens to me quite often, especially when I make a new acquaintance or meet an old friend whose number I've long since lost. To save time it's almost customary nowadays that you've a person call you so that can save the contact straight from the log instead of dialling it number by number or even worse jotting it down on some paper.

For quite some time I was under the impression Windows Mobile/Phone couldn't do these. So for quite some months now I've been primarily saving contacts on my other phone that runs Android then after while importing them to my Windows Phone using the methods I outlined here.  It's quite a lengthy process but it did the trick. Problem is I don't carry both phones always and so the other day I had to figure out the hard way how to save a contact from the call log in my windows phone. After much guess work I managed to do it. Turns out to be a relatively simple process only that Microsoft doesn't make it easy to notice.


1. Open the Phone app and switch to the Call Log

call log

2. Long press on the number you need to save and on the menu that pops up select Details

contact details

3. In the details page select Open contact

open contact

4. In the contact's profile select the small Save Icon that is at the bottom next to the three dots

contact profile

5. That will launch the Contacts. You can save the number to an existing contact by selecting a contact from the list but if it's a new contact select the plus icon at the button to create a new one

add to contacts

6. Enter the name and other details for the contact then save by selecting the small Save Icon that is at the bottom. That's it, you're done!

save contact

I'll admit it's quite a long winded process especially when compared to Android but once you get used to it you'll be gliding over it in no time. Somebody should tell Microsoft to make this more intuitive because I'm certain they'll never realize it. The phone app itself needs improvements too, especially on how it handles dual sim devices, but that's a topic for another day. Hopefully this will save you the trouble of saving contacts.

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