How to Quickly Remove Double or Multiple Spaces in MS Word

double spaces
Double Spaces Aplenty!

This tutorial will show you how to remove double or multiple spaces from your Word (MS Office) documents (*.doc, *.docx) when using any version of Word (2003 & above).

Probably you’ve encountered this problem. You’ve just finished you’re lengthy word document word and its time to review it for typos, grammar etc. You do that quickly thanks to the Spelling and Grammar check however errors still aplenty though not to your poor naked eyes. So, you seek carefully and ye finds those devilish spaces that were hiding from your sight. Problem is, they’re too many and that’s where this trick comes in.

Just to point this out, these double/multiple spaces occur mostly due to pasting texts from other documents with different formatting like webpages or eBook. So you may want to take a good look when doing that to avoid this whole scenario.


TIP: If you’ve any problems following any of the steps, please refer to this youtube video I made that goes through each of the steps below.

1. Open your faulty word document.

2. In the ribbon go to the Home tab and on the right end click open the Replace function. For Word 2003, go to Edit in the toolbar then Replace. Alternatively, you can open it using the shortcut Ctrl + H.

Replace Option in the Ribbon

3. In the find what textbox key in the blank spaces you wish to remove e.g. if two, press the space bar twice, if three, press the space bar thrice and so on.

Find & Replace Spaces

4. In the replace with textbox key in a single blank space i.e. press the space bar once. If you intend to replace with more, just key in more spaces.

5. Now just click the Replace All button and Word will replace the double/multiple spaces with the normal single space. That’s it.

Now wasn't that quick. This has saved me countless hours so much that at its discovery I decided to make that youtube video tutorial to share this tip with the rest of the human civilization. Anyways thanks for reading and feel free to share this if you find it useful.

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